Why Do You Get A Double Chin?

Age, excess weight, and genetics play a role to create a “double chin.” A double chin usually occurs from having extra fat in your chin that gets worse with agge, smoking history, and weight ggain.

How Does Kei Treat A Double Chin?

  • Accutite
  • Morpheus 8
  • Neck & Chin Cream

Treatment Options

  1. Acutite
    • delivers precise heating to small areas
    • helps with skin tightening and contraction
    • no incisions to skin
    • PROS
      • Quick procedure done in office
      • Minimal to no pain
      • No scarring and minimal downtime
      • Effects last 5-7 years
    • CONS
      • Takes 1 month to notice change
      • Requires head wrap to decrease swelling
  2. Morpheus 8
    • stimulates collagen production
    • heats the tissue to help tighten/contract skin
    • no incision to skin
    • PROS
      • Quick procedure done in office
      • Minimal to no pain
      • Improves the quality of your skin for longg term health/appearance
    • CONS
      • Requires 3 treatments within 6 months for best effect
      • Takes 1 month to notice change
  3. Neck & Chin Cream
    • Specifically for chin, jawline, and neck
    • intense hydration to help sagging skin
    • skin looks more lifted and contoured
    • 79% decrease in the lenggth of deep wrinkles
    • 43% decrease in the depth of wrinkles
    • PROS
      • A cream that provides nutrients to your skin
      • No procedures needed
      • Can be used after procedures for better results
    • CONS
      • No procedures
      • Requires 4 weeks to notice results


Treatment Price
Accutite $900
Morpheus 8 $400 per treatment
Neck & Chin Cream $110, $90 monthly

Before and After Pics